So, This Can Happen When You Are To Close To Water Vessel Traffic (VIDEO)

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The school ship from St. Petersburg was participating in a festival on the German North Sea coast.

The owner of the minibus “will have difficulty explaining to the insurance company how a 3-masted sailboat and 2,385 tons of displacement managed to crash into his car,” said an ironic user of social networks to know the crazy event.

Unfortunately for the insurance company, everything was recorded by the cameras. The episode starred by the school-ship Mir, based regularly in St. Petersburg, occurred at a marine festival held in the German city of Bremerhaven, on the shores of the North Sea.

The Russian ship, with more than 200 passengers on board at the time of the strange collision, suffered only a minor blow and some scratches in the stern.

Fortunately, there was no one in the vehicle at the time of the accident and there was no need to regret injuries. The Mir also destroyed some tents along the way installed for the festival.


Source: ActualidadRT