Snowmobile Crashes and Sinks into Pond With Guy Hanging Off the Back (HILARIOUS)

In May 2018 in Kåbdalis, Sweden, two guys attempt a silly snowmobile stunt in small pond but don’t quite make it. It seemed like the idea was to pull the passenger on a makeshift float across the pond and for both the snowmobile and the float to make it across. But instead, both fail to make it and end up sinking! During the middle of winter, this is a wild stunt to try because the passenger was only wearing a t shirt.

The pond was covered in icy snow and it must have been freezing. The passenger runs out while the driver tries to rev his way up the edge of the pond but seems to roll back and get the snowmobile stuck. A wild and risky stunt that makes for a good clip this morning.

Source: ViralHog