Sink his yacht to drown his wife on the honeymoon and collect the inheritance (Pictures)

The man indicated that his boat had hit an unknown object and his wife had been lost, however the tests determined his guilt.

The subject reported to the authorities that his yacht collided, sank and his wife was lost at sea. However, images recently released by the authorities confirmed that the man actually killed his wife when she sunk her catamaran in the Caribbean during her honeymoon.

The incident occurred in 2017, at the time, Lewis Bennett, a mining engineer, reported to the US Coast Guard. that his wife, Isabella Hellmann, had been lost at sea after his boat collided with an unknown object near the Bahamas.

Authorities found the man on the coast of Cuba, where he stated that he knew nothing about his wife or what had happened to him, however the FBI reported that he had evidence that the man caused the flooding of the boat on purpose. , because there was no bad time to sail or there were loose objects in the area.

After this the man was accused of murder, however he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, currently prosecutors ask for a sentence of eight years in prison for the subject.

The Coast Guard found the boat and took photographs, which show the boat with open escape hatches and damage to both helmets that, according to prosecutors, were caused from inside the boat.

So the authorities believe that the man opened the hatches below the waterline and damaged the helmets before calling the Coast Guard to say that his ship was sinking and that his wife had disappeared.

The facts

In May 2017, the subject, who was already an experienced sailor and his wife, began a trip through the Caribbean on the occasion of their honeymoon, aboard a catamaran.However, when the ship was back, the man issued an emergency signal by radio; three hours later the Coast Guard found him and he told the rescuers that he had gone down to sleep and his wife was on the deck watching , when the man slept he felt a strong blow and woke up , noticing that the boat was already sinking and although He tried to find his wife and did not find her, so he left the ship and climbed into a lifeboat.

However, a sworn document signed by Bennett and presented to the court indicates thatthe man did not light a flare and did not look for Isabella in the water, either immediately activate any emergency equipment or ask for help to use his satellite phone.

In fact it was until he was alone in the lifeguard, with his luggage, that he asked for help and reported the disappearance of his wife.

As if that were not enough, the man is an experienced sailor who had also received a certification from the Royal Yachting Association in the United Kingdom as a coastal captain , it should be noted that this training included emergency procedures and ptotocols in similar situations in the water.

Also inside the life raft not only was the man but also coins accumulating approximately 100,000 dollars , which had been stolen from a yacht on which he had worked on board. Initially, the man was sentenced to 7 months in prison for the robbery, but now he also faces charges for the death of his wife.