Sinaloa Cartel Would Have Transported 100 Tons Of Cocaine On Pemex Ship

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According to Mayo lawyer Zambada and “El Vicentillo”, son of capo, the Mexican oil company would have facilitated the operation.

During the trial against Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Colombian drug trafficker Jorge Cifuentes testified that Petróleos Mexicanos officials had met with the capo to transport drugs in the oil company’s pipes. However, the link between Pemex and the Sinaloa Cartel did not end there. Well, apparently, the Mexican company also lent them a ship, in which they would have transported 100 tons of cocaine.

Anabel Hernández’s new book, The Traitor, presents unpublished statements by Ishmael’s son “El Mayo” Zambada, ” El Vicentillo “. In it, the author recounts how the business between Pemex and the cartel led by Zambada and Guzmán occurred.

And, in one of the chapters, Hernández recovers a story told by Fernando Gaxiola – the Zambada lawyer who betrayed his bosses when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and revealed information to the journalist. The story, along with the statements of “El Vicentillo” and Cifuentes in the New York court, complete the history of corruption between Petróleos Mexicanos and the cartel.

Although since the six-year term of Vicente Fox (2000-2006), the Sinaloa cartel had already had collaborations with “senior PAN officers” who were in the oil company, it was until 2007 that Cifuentes, “El Chapo”, “El Mayo” and a Parastatal official met in Durango. Later, there were other meetings where there were other representatives of Pemex.

The Pemex operation and the Sinaloa Cartel

In addition to the cartel leaders, Cifuentes and the representatives of Pemex , the meeting was the “Capi Beto”, in charge of transporting drugs at sea, and the same “Vicentillo”. There, oil company officials reported that they wanted to transport 100 tons of cocaine, for which they made available a ship of the parastatal.

According to “El Vicentillo” and the lawyer Gaxiola, the operation consisted of taking Pemex ships, loaded with oil, to Ecuador. However, in that country they were filled with coca and returned loaded with drugs to the port of Lázaro Cárdenas. To achieve this, “El Mayo” also used fishing vessels and tuna vessels, which helped coordinate Jorge Cifuentes.

Sinaloa Cartel Would Have Transported 100 Tons Of Cocaine On Pemex Ship

With information from El Traidor , by Anabel Hernández.


Source: RadioFormula