Sightseeing Boatman Finds 36 Packs of Cocaine on El Murciélago Beach, Equador

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The first two packages were found by a boatman. He took them to the shore and warned the police.

Until the place came Antinarcotics staff, and while they interrogated the boatman the tourists warned that the current had thrown another package a little further, towards the breakwater.

The scene was repeated twice more in the same direction. All in the midst of the incredulity of bathers and people who played sports, who left their activities to run after the police every time they found one of the wrappings.

Manuel Saldarreaga, who was on vacation, indicated that he saw a package in the water and imagined that it was a plastic float, but the police confirmed that it was a drug and that surprised him. Later, several motorized agents crossed the beach from end to end in search of more drugs, and in total they collected eight more packages.

At work, a lifeguard collaborated, asking the bathers to leave the water until the police finished their work. The packages were brick-shaped and vacuum-packed, a technique that consists of removing the air inside a package with the aim of extending the expiration period, and they were of different colors.

Police officers got on the same boat that found the first packages and made an inspection of the coastal area in search of more drugs.

Operational Mauricio Luna, chief in charge of the Manta Police, reported that the finding was alerted by the public, and that is why they set up an operation on the coastal profile to determine if there was more drug in the sea, but they did not find anything. What they did was stop the boatman who found the drug packages for research, all in the midst of the tears of his family.

The public prosecutor of Aquatic Spaces, Alfonso Vélez, indicated that in parallel another operation was developed near the dock International of the Port, because floating in the water they were 35 packages of cocaine of similar characteristics. Near to this dock, the international, four people were arrested who are presumed to have participated in the incident and were taken to the Community Vigilance Unit (UVC) until the flagrante hearing.

“I was called by the Anti-Drug Canine Unit and they informed me that drugs had been found floating near the port,” said Vélez.

During this operation it was learned that a freighter that was sailing was prevented from leaving until an inspection was made, since it is presumed that the drug was going to be placed in a container and the operation did not materialize. The ship left after the inspection.

Drug in Blanket On Monday, April 1, the police discovered that on the road that goes to the grounds of the Pacific Refinery, a small plane that supposedly was loaded with drugs landed and took off from this site. The operation left nine detainees, including three refinery guards.

Sightseeing Boatman Finds 36 Packs of Cocaine on El Murciélago Beach, Equador

On March 12, police found, in an operation against stolen engines, 300 packets of cocaine in a boat, in the harbor of Puerto de Manta.

The packages were in ten cans. This operation did not leave people in detention and there is still an open investigation to determine the origin and destination of the drug.


Source: ecuadorinmediato