Shocking Video of How Two Giant Snakes Are Fishing in Dangerous River [VIDEO]

The hungry reptiles that appear in YouTube’s viral video , were caught catching their ‘prey’ from the gulch of a river.

You can not believe what happened with the animals. Through a viral video that was shared on YouTube , thousands of users were surprised to see the incredible scene that captured a country man from the Aztec country, Mexico . The images show the moment when two giant snakes caught a river.

In the eyes of the villager who walked through the farms, as described in the publication on YouTube . The gigantic creatures were placed on the edge of a river slope to catch the fish of the fresh waters of Mexico.

“In the distance I noticed the two reptiles . At first I did not understand well why the snakes were so attentive looking towards the slope, after a few minutes, these animals dipped their heads for fishing, “said the author of YouTube’s viral video .

The villager to realize that this unusual scene that led the dangerous animals , decided to take your phone to record and share it on YouTube . It is worth mentioning that this viral video has also been disseminated in other social networks .

In the viral filming you can see the precise moment when the huge reptiles captured their ‘prey’ and in the second 2 one of the snakes fell into the river to devour the fish from the water. Here we share the video

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