Shocking Moment  Caught On Video Where A World Champion Is “Swallowed”

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Incredible what happened in Yorkshire, when one of the big favorites found an unexpected flood in which he ended up submerged in a completely unexpected way

The World Cycling Championships in Yorkshire (England) have already left one of the most impressive images of recent years: a fall in a flood, neither more nor less than one of the biggest favorites to gold: it happened in the U23 time trial masculine, when the Danish Johan Price-Pejtersen encountered an incredible raft of water impossible to circumvent.

The current European time trial champion was facing the clock when he found something completely unexpected: after taking a right-hand curve on his inner face, he rushed over a pool of monumental dimensions to which nothing could do, rather than try cross it with the bike.

When the Danish met the huge river of water, he lost control of his mount and ended up falling into the sinkhole , finishing water draft and an important scare on the body. Although he managed to resume the march, he did it with a lot of time lost and no longer able to fight for metals.

The heavy rains that have fallen in Yorkshire in recent days have caused a situation as chaotic as this. Many runners, already aware of the problem, were advised to circulate on the left side of the road to avoid meeting the monumental puddle : but for Pejtersen it was already too late.


Source: El Confidencial