Shocking Images of Dolphins Huddling Together Before They Are Brutally Murdered in Japan. [Video]

This is the most brutal hunting episode that has been seen in recent years, there were more than 12 boats looking for herds of dolphins.

The massive dolphin hunt in the Taiji region opened this month in Japan.

As we tell you in this article, several organizations document during the month of September the brutality with which these dolphins are hunted.

During the chase, the Dolphin Project witnessed a mother dolphin huddle together with her calves to avoid being hunted.

The mother rubbed herself with the rest of her family to console them in the face of the imminent presence of the fishermen who began the slaughter at five o’clock in the morning.

According to Dolphin Project, this is the most brutal episode that has been seen in recent years, more than 12 boats looking for dolphin herds.

Four of them swam to the beach and the rest of the herd followed them.

This is how the hunters took advantage and many of the dolphins were injured, one of the youngest remained circling because he was too injured to follow the group and run away.

Dolphin hunting is allowed in Japan as there is no specific protection law for these mammals.