Shipping Company “Hudson” Explained the Delay of Wages to Seafarers US Sanctions

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Shipping Company Hudson explained the delays in salary payments to seafarers as a result of a deterioration in the company’s financial situation due to US sanctions.

“Yes, now this process (salary payment – IF) is accompanied by frequent disruptions and delays due to the deteriorated financial condition of the shipowner due to the continuing unjustified US sanctions, which prevent the conclusion and execution of transactions not only with foreign, but even with Russian charterers: hence the large downtime of vessels, the rising costs of their maintenance and payment of port charges, ”said the company’s deputy general director Valery Uliskin.

According to him, on board the ship “Partizan” again there is a situation when, due to the failure of the Korean bunkers, it is not possible to supply the vessel with diesel fuel necessary for the operation of ship generators and the life support of the vessel and crew.

Uliskin noted that the company’s management is ready to sell the Partizan in the port of Pohang or in the nearest ports of China, the countries of Southeast Asia, in order to pay the crew in full, pay the harbor dues collected, cover the debts of the companies supplying the vessel with water and water for so long. unplanned parking, and safely return the sailors to their homeland.

“However, even selling a ship at the lowest price, approaching the cost of scrap metal, is not so simple: most of the buyers, having learned that the ship is on the list of sanctions, begin to sharply drop the price or refuse the deal altogether, fearing secondary sanctions USA, ”said Uliskin.

Earlier it was reported that the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor’s Office checks the compliance of the labor law by the shipowner after reports of wage arrears and interruptions in food from the Russian sailors from the ship Partizan.

In late February, an explosion occurred on the ship “Partizan” in the Sea of ​​Japan, the cause of which has not yet been established. The ship reached the South Korean port of Pohang, where it was examined by experts. However, then the ship was denied refueling, the company said a naval protest by the port authorities and the authorities.

In the autumn of 2018, the Sevastopol ship of the Hudson Company was detained in Busan due to US sanctions against the DPRK, then local authorities released the ship. After the Hudson ships were added to the sanctions list, entry into the ports of South Korea was prohibited, then the ban was lifted.

Shipping Company "Hudson" Explained the Delay of Wages to Seafarers US Sanctions

The vessel “Sevastopol” was also denied bunkering with fuel in the South Korean port of Pusan ​​due to fear of secondary sanctions.

The Hudson management states that the company has never worked with North Korea, therefore making it to the sanctions list is unreasonable. The owners of the company are in correspondence with the Ministry of Finance of the United States and demand to lift sanctions.


Source: Maritime News of Russia