Ship Repair Diary Zhaatays Go in Graphics

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On the calendar, the last winter month is February. The main indicator of preparation for navigation is the delivery of vessels in technical readiness. Vessels should be ready for spring in all respects. Today we will review the reports of the Zhataisky BTEF – the largest division, with the largest number of vessels, respectively, with the largest amounts of work.

According to the plan, 123 units of the fleet must be commissioned in technical readiness, on February 8, 27 units of the fleet were commissioned: 10 – self-propelled and 17 – barges. Without repair, SK-2026, RT-731, Klyazma, Captain Orlov were handed over, before the new year they were commissioned – TO-601, BTV-314, TO-1552, Captain Krasnoshtanov “,” Radio technician-2 “.

ZHBTEF always shows good results on frost-free works: in fact, the frost was 1694 m3 – 78% of the planned volume. The “SOT-1135”, SMD-10, SMD-18, “Yuri Zhang”, “BTK-610”, MP-2530, “Captain Krasnoshtanov”, “Depas”, “TO-601”, “OS-23”.

Ship Repair Diary Zhaatays Go in Graphics

Mastering the planned labor-intensiveness of ship repair in 2018-2019 was completed by 25%. A total flaw detection of 19 fleet units was made, the inner one – by 8 units and the outer one – by 1 unit.

The underwater repair is in full swing: 24 propeller shafts, 15 bullers, 15 nozzles, 32 screws have been repaired. Since February 1, the ships that are to undergo another examination of the RRR, went to self-repair crews in almost all divisions of the shipping company. There is a good supply of spare parts, timely preparation of the DRC.


Source: Maritime News of Russia