Ship Intercepted Near Puerto Rico Carrying Cocaine with an Estimated Value of $20 Million (VIDEO)

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Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities seized 1,776 pounds of cocaine, merchandise that has an estimated street value of $ 20 million.

The narcotics were found on an intercepted ship near Patillas, Puerto Rico, according to a CBP statement.

A marine patrol plane detected in the early hours of Tuesday a ship of approximately 8 meters long, traveling north, heading to Puerto Rico, without navigation lights.

Using its lights and siren, the plane helped a maritime CBP unit locate the suspect ship. A helicopter of the National Guard also helped with the lighting of the area.

After a brief chase, the maritime unit of CBP fired twice into the air, warning strangers to stop but they did not. So CBP fired twice at both engines of the ship to deactivate them and finally the suspicious ship stopped.


The CBP agents approached him and arrested the two people who were on the ship. Authorities found 28 bales of narcotics inside the ship.


Source: El Nuevo Herald