Ship Being Protected To Avoid Fuel Spills Into The Sea In Spain

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A barge has extracted 30 tons of Turia fuel in 24 hours.

Criticism begins because the Monte Blanco and Banco del Tabal beaches remain closed to the public.

The units of Maritime Rescue, Civil Guard and the Navy have already removed 60 percent of the wreckage of the plane that crashed last Monday in the surroundings of Galúa beach, at kilometer 4 of Cartagena, as reported Air Force sources.

The divers that make up the device have located the tail, which has already been removed from the underwater bed; the top of the reactor and the cockpit, as well as other elements of the aircraft piloted by the commander and instructor of the General Air Academy (AGA) Francisco Marín.

The force with which the C-101 impacted caused the rupture in “many pieces” of the plane, so that the volume to be recovered is large, in addition to being spread over a wide area of ​​the area.

The wreckage of the plane is moving to the La Curra dock, while the parts that arrived at the coast during the hours after the accident have been taken to the AGA, whose staff will be responsible for collecting and rebuilding the reactor and trying to clarify the Causes of the accident.

The deputy director general of the Academy, José María Alonso, already warned last Monday that the C-101 does not have a black box that records the data and parameters of the flight, and added that there was no contact with the pilot during the flight, so It is essential to collect as much of the device as possible in order to carry out the investigation and determine if there was a mechanical failure, a commander’s error or a conjunction of both causes.

The tasks of searching for what remains of the remains continue. All organizations involved in this task agree on the “complicated” operation, so do not venture to confirm when the search will end. “These things are best done in time to do them well, to avoid cases like the Yak-42,” in which 62 Spanish soldiers perished.

Meanwhile, there have already been the first reviews of vacationers from La Manga for the closure of the Monte Blanco and Banco del Tabal beaches. Even the vice president of the Region of Murcia, Isabel Franco, spoke on her Twitter profile on this matter with the following text: Confident that measures will be taken to prevent our beaches from being closed.

Ship Being Protected To Avoid Fuel Spills Into The Sea

“Caution” measure

On the other hand, the Navy has already completed the transfer of fuel from the starboard tank of the Turia ship, which was stranded in a rocky bed on the morning of last Tuesday while it was collaborating with the rest of state forces to find the remains of the C -101. The tasks of extracting the 30 tons of fuel that the ship loaded have lasted at least 24 hours, and have been carried out by means of a barge.

Displaced teams have deployed an anti-pollution barrier around the cazaminas as a “precaution” measure in case of fuel spills into the sea. From the Air Force, they explain that the fuel used by ships is “much heavier” than that of airplanes, so if I spilled a part of the sea, a large, thick and polluting stain would be created. In any case, this barrier “is only a protection device against the possibility of any spillage.”

Now, the Navy will have to study the data collected by the divers along the open road in the structure of the Turia to specify the appropriate option to refloat it, a decision that, the Navy points out, will be taken shortly. 

Once the report is analyzed, experts will decide on the best alternative to uncork the cazaminas and tow it to the port of Cartagena, where it will be repaired.

The AGA is now ready to host Commander Marin’s funeral

The General Air Academy already has everything ready to host the funeral of Francisco Marín, the military pilot who died on Monday after his plane hit the sea at high speed.

As soon as the judge delivers the body we will proceed to celebrate the State Funeral within the Academy. 

The body of the commander is currently at the Forensic Anatomical Institute of Cartagena while the judge, who keeps in touch with the family and the AGA, investigates the causes of the event.


Source: la opinion de murcia