Shelter Dog Who Spent His Whole Chained Up Is Moved by His Reaction to Seeing the Ocean | VIDEO

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Herschel, a German shepherd with a difficult past to forget, found a new home thanks to his new family that thought he was a good boy to be adopted.

The animal shelters are full of dogs and cats looking for new homes but many times the vast majority of them with heartbreaking pasts, are usually the last to be adopted.

Herschel, a German shepherd who spent the rest of his life chained in a courtyard, is currently waiting to be given a second chance at life after being returned twice to the shelter that rescued him.

It is so the story of the dog, affectionately called ‘Bear’ by his fluffy coat, reached the ears of Rocky Kanaka, a lover of animals who has a YouTube program called ‘Dog’s Day Out‘.

Kanaka shows on YouTube consists of taking out dogs with the potential to be adopted so that they know the world that surrounds them and from which they stayed away. It was so that the episode in which Herschel appears is one of the most watched on YouTube .

“Chained and abandoned in a backyard for much of his life, his teeth are worn out from the constant bites he gave to the chain that held him captive,” Kanaka wrote on the dog’s adoption page.

“Herschel has been returned twice. Dogs chained for long periods of time do not learn the same basic skills as those living in loving families. As a result, some inexperienced adopters become frustrated and give up, “he added.

Herschel is a relatively young dog, but kept driving away its potential adopters due to its more than 45 kilos and his stormy past. That’s why Kanaka decided to show the world what a good guy he was with his YouTube show .

After taking him to see the ocean in California (which incidentally he loved), Kanaka took Herschel to receive caresses from people on a busy street and try delicious desserts specially designed for animals of their kind.

Kanaka’s effort was rewarded and the shelter in which Herschel lived was filled with requests to adopt him, the lucky one being a woman named Kim. So he decided to surprise the dog one last time before taking him to his new family.

The highlight of the new life that awaited Herschel was when Kanaka took him to a beach to see the ocean for the first time in his life and his reaction stole everyone’s heart.

While it seemed normal at first, seeing the breaking of the waves, Herschel began to whimper with joy, a sign that he was excited to go in the water to take a refreshing dip.

Now, he has a warm home, several “brothers” of his same breed and acres of land where he can run free to leave behind the chains that once limited him to a confined space.


Source: Trome