Sheets of Ice Get Blown to Shore in SHOCKING and Satisfying Manner

On January 28, 2019 in L’Abbaye, Switzerland, a huge accumulation of ice starts to build up on the shore after being guided by the wind. What’s interesting is the way the ice stacks and continues to shuffle almost like a deck of cards.

This is a rare and satisfying occurrence that we don’t see too often. When spring is approaching, instead of building up on shorelines, ice usually floats on a lake’s surface until it melts. Sometimes it tends to float low in the water but never sink to the bottom. In this case it seems as if the ice pieces are slightly underwater but making their way to the shore to accumulate there, making this an odd event due to the fact that it is all building up in the exact same spot.

Why? We don’t exactly know, but it is mysterious and satisfying nonetheless!

Source: ViralHog