She Was Dancing Off Shore At The Beach And Felt Something Bite Her Leg (PHOTOS)

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A 13-year-old girl was the victim of an attack that occurs only very rarely on Wednesday in California. Megan Pagnini was bitten by a sea lion while having fun on a beach.

“I jumped, danced, I was just having fun. And that’s when a sea lion attacked me, “Megan told CNN news channel.

In the images captured by her friends, we can see the animal rush to her and then bite her at the height of the thigh.

“I felt it on my leg, I looked and I panicked. I did not know what it was. I only knew that something was attacking me, “she added.

Soon, people ran to help her. According to the California Wildlife Protection Agency, this animal could have been poisoned with domoic acid, a type of food poisoning that could explain its aggressive behavior.

“We believe this may be the cause, because the sea lion not only bit the person, but he also attacked the metal chair of the rescuers,” said agency captain Todd Tognazzini .

In the end, Megan Pagnini still does not know if she will one day enjoy the beach as much as before.

This attack is reminiscent of a girl who was sitting on Steveston Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, in May 2017. A sea lion had emerged without warning and pulled her under by her feet into the water after grabbing her. A man, came to the assistance of the young woman. She had escaped without any scratches, but certainly a feeling of terror.

She Was Dancing Off Shore At The Beach And Felt Something Bite Her Leg





Source: TVAnouvelles