She Wants To Take A Selfie With A Swan And Is Terrified Moments Later (VIDEO)

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A furious reaction of a swan that felt threatened when a woman came too close to her family.

The video shared on YouTube has generated lots of laughter, because it shows the reaction between a tourist and a swan mother, who protected their babies while they were on an island in Greece. The lady wanted to take a selfie with the bird, but it reacted in a furious way.

A woman spending her holidays in Skiathos, one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, was enjoying a day at the beach with her family. She knew that she would enjoy that getaway, what she did not know was the great lesson she would encounter because of a furious swan.

The lady, along with a group of tourists, saw a family of swans enjoying the beach, and began to take pictures of them from a distance so as not to disturb their peace. However, the woman wanted to take a ‘selfie’ and came too close to the family.

As seen in the video, the mother swan took this as a threat and started flapping her wings and rushes towards the woman giving her pecks on the body. Despite this, the woman continued her daring act.

The swan, furious that she did not leave her alone, attacked with more ferocity towards the lady pushing her towards the water. After a few seconds, the woman loses her balance and falls terrified to the water, being rescued by a man who saw the whole scene.

Swans are animals that love for their beauty and noble behaviour, however, a mother, like the one, will do everything to defend their young, even attacking a much larger person.


Source: La Republica