She Tries to Get Her Coward Dog Into the Water and When it Does, The Worst Happens [VIDEO]

No Chikis! On YouTube a scary little dog got viral, trying to catch his toy bone that got its owner into the water, however, when it does, the worst happens.

Poor Chikis. Through YouTube a video was shared of a cute little dog named Chikis , who tries to catch a toy bone when its owner throws it into a pool, after a few moments the dog gets into the pool, but the worst happens. The clip went viral on social networks.

A young woman came down from her building to play with her pet since she had bought him a toy bone. While playing, the girl made a test to see if her dog called Chikis, went into the water, because she was very afraid of it.

“We’re going to do an experiment to see if Chikis gets into the pool because of his bone” says the girl, who throws the toy to the pool that was too shallow. After that, Chikis, looks very nervous about the water and anxious to want to take the precious toy in the water.

They spend a few seconds of many doubts and the dog finally fights to the water that only wet his legs. But all this would end badly, since Chikis is jumping away and happy because he is not afraid of water anymore. It goes around the whole pool, while you hear its owner call it.

“Hey no, Chikis, come here!” says the desperate owner for her dog to return. However, the dog keeps running without noticing the danger he has ahead of her. And it is that suddenly the canine falls to the part of the deepest pool. ” Chiki, no!” Shouts the horrified owner.

The YouTube tragicomic video that ends at that moment, has impressed and amused the users, who worried about the dog and at the same time they laughed at the expression of its owner at the moment that Chikis falls.

  1. This “story” is the worst thing to ever happen. Shame on you.

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