She Terrifyingly Slips Off The Edge Of A Cliff And Her GoPro Captures Everything (Incredible VIDEO)

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A young woman wore a GoPro to record her journey through a dangerous mountain area, without imagining that she would record a tragic accident. The shocking images went viral on YouTube.

Through a shocking YouTube recording, a young sportswoman shared the tragic experience she had during an excursion with friends at a waterfall in Snow Lake Trail, United States, when she stepped near the edge of the cliff to record the landscape of one of the most popular  and dangerous attractions. The young woman did not imagine that this beautiful afternoon of walking would become a terrible horror movie that she will remember for the rest of her life.

As if it were a scene from a movie, the dramatic episode was recorded on video by the protagonist of the incident, Heather Frieses, who shared it on YouTube and other networks to show the terrible moments she lived after falling near a waterfall of 50 feet high.

Despite the terrible accident, the woman managed to capture the dramatic moment in which a bad tread on a slippery stone causes her to lose her balance and fall abruptly from the 15-meter waterfall that she approached to see it in greater detail.

“Honolulu, Hawaii , USA. “My name is Heather Friesen, and this is the fall that changed my life forever. A week before my beach volleyball season at the University of Hawaii, I climbed into the Ka’au Trail crater with some friends. After this fall from a 50-foot waterfall, I suffered 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a fractured scapula and some deep wounds. They took me out by plane and then operated on to place my ribs. There were others before me who had fallen from the same place and died, and I know that God saved my life that day. Now I am playing beach volleyball professionally, without pain and with a strengthened faith in the eternal grace of God. It is also now my goal to glorify God with my way of playing volleyball, ” said the young woman as a description of her video, which was shared by the ViralHog YouTube page.


Source: La Republica