She Receives A Painful Lesson After Attempting To Kiss A Wild Turtle [VIDEO]

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Frightening. The victim of the Facebook video lived the worst experience of her life when approaching a turtle to kiss her, without imagining what would happen.

He lived the worst. A video starring a daring girl from Mexico has just been viralized on Facebook, who as a ‘chacota’ tried to kiss a wild turtle , without suspecting the terrible consequences it would receive. What happened? The little reptile had an unexpected reaction that paralyzed the hearts of thousands of people who saw these shameful scenes that are trending in countries like the United States, Canada and the United States.

“Look at my first kiss with the turtle” is heard to mention the girl protagonist of the viral video of Facebook, minutes before the reptile attacked her in the worst possible way.

The clip posted on Facebook shows the precise moment in which a young woman, who was accompanied by her friends, found a turtle inside her residence, in Mexico. She never imagined that it was a dangerous animal.

As can be seen in the scenes that were recorded by the victim’s friend, at the moment when the protagonist of the Facebook video brings her mouth to that of the animal , it ripped part of her lip mercilessly.

“The woman should not have been so confident,” “Nothing will happen,” they said, “Water turtles are the wildest,” were some of the reactions Facebook users had after watching the viral video that is trending on social networks .

If you want to see how the protagonist of the viral video of Facebook ended, after being attacked by the dangerous reptile, we share the viral video with you…



Source: La Republica