She Has A Horribly Embarrassing Moment At Pool Party That Left Witnesses Saying Awkwaaaard  [VIDEO]

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The worst shame happened in a viral video that made thousands of viewers laugh, as an event goer was filmed in an awkward moment that made her the laughing stock of the guests of a pool party. 

Through a surveillance camera of an event the mishap was captured in which the distracted woman suffered the accident. 

As can be seen in the viral publication, a woman walked distracted by the lounge of the pool party. She did not realize that in the center of the room there was a huge pool where she endured a terrible accident.

The poor woman was carrying two plates of food in her hands, apparently she was looking for a place to sit and eat; however, she ended up falling into the pool in front of all the guests of the event.

“I think the woman thought that the pool was covered by glass”, “I burst out laughing when I saw her fall”, “What a shame, that happened to her because she didn’t see where she was walking”, “Poor woman, she has had the shame of her life”, were some of the comments on Facebook that viewers had.


Source: La Republica