She Gives an Ice Cube to Baby Seal and There Is an Incredible Reaction

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A baby seal surprised onlookers by reacting unexpectedly when a girl gave her an ice cube.

Many have fallen under the spell of a baby seal, who got excited when a little girl gave her an ice cube that she loved so much.

The little girl saw that the baby seal wanted a cube of ice that she was craving and when she gave it she thanked him in the least thought way, which is already a trend in social networks. 

These little beings can always cause us a smile and make us forget even our biggest problems; This time, a small seal fell in love with thousands with his incredible reaction when he received something he wanted so much.

A girl played on the ice until she came across a baby seal that was resting on the ice; the little animal wanted an ice cube that had the smallest and did not hesitate to show their ‘enchanted’ to get it.

She Gives an Ice Cube to Baby Seal and There Is an Incredible Reaction

After receiving this ice cube, the animal reacted so special that it has touched those who were surprised to see their gestures of gratitude.

“What a beautiful creature”, “The way he thanks is unique”, “I fell in love!”; were some of the comments that were rescued from the video that has been shared more than 750 times and has thousands of comments in which highlight their tenderness to get this precious ‘gift’ from the hands of this little girl, who seeing her face He hesitated twice to give him what he wanted.


Source: La Republica