She Drops Her Cell Into The Ocean From A Cruise Boat You Will Be Amazed How She Gets It Back (VIDEO)

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A video shared on YouTube  shows the incredible sight of a giant sea creature, emerging from the depths to give the most important object that a tourist has, who was in a boat. The clip went viral in different social networks where it was shared.

A fun afternoon cruise for a group of tourists became an unforgettable experience when a video captured the surprise appearance when a beluga whale rose to the surface, after a woman dropped her iPhone into the sea.

When the woman thought that her cell phone was at the bottom of the ocean, suddenly, she realizes that a huge beluga whale emerges from the depths with her cell phone in it’s mouth. The scene provoked the admiration of those present where that the animal managed to interact with the woman and returned her cell phone.

After the whale returned the phone, the woman thanked him for the gesture with a brief caress. “Beluga whale returns an iPhone that fell into the sea. This is honestly crazy, if I they had not recorded it with a camera, nobody would believe it, “said blogger Lori McNee, who posted the video on Twitter, where it became a trend.

The video shared on YouTube obtained more than 85,000 views, around a thousand shared and more than 500 funny comments. “Intelligent, beautiful creature”, “How can you not love this?”, “Beautiful”, “This is so incredible! Dolphins and belugas always seem to be smiling. “

While other users on YouTube did not hesitate to joke about environmental pollution. “Excuse me, lady, get your garbage out of here.” “Poor whale! Probably some food is expected, “” Excuse me human, take out your garbage, “could be read on social networks.


Source: La Republica