Sharks DEVOUR Giant Ball of Bait Fish

On April 15, 2019 in Coral Bay, Western Australia, a group of divers caught something very wild on camera. In the video clip, we can see a gigantic ball of bat fish just floating around with about 20-30 sharks just surrounding it going in and out to capture large mouthfuls of food.  The ball of bait fish is so big that when the sharks go through it they actually disappear completely for a few seconds!

These divers are so close to the action because it’s as if they feel safe since there is so much food for the sharks just sitting there that they don’t feel threatened to get a front row seat to the show. An wild event that isn’t often spotted or recorded. These sharks were really going at it to feast as much as they can!

With the divers so close it also makes the video that more intense and exciting. Luckily the sharks didn’t turn their attention towards the divers and go for some bigger catches!

Source: ViralHog