Shark That Comes From The Jurassic Period Is Caught Swimming In The Gulf Of Mexico (Video)

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The shark expert Gavin Naylor caught with a colleague of his the  Hexanchus griseus, one of the oldest beings of his species. Awesome record went viral on YouTube.  

The megalodon may have ceased to exist more than 2 million years ago, but a colossal specimen similar to it has been captured in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico . Awesome recording accumulates thousands of views on YouTube.

It is the  comb shark (Hexanchus griseus), a very difficult species to see and that has hardly evolved from its ancestors from the Jurassic period about 190 million years ago.

The registration, carried out by Gavin Naylor and a colleague of his more than a thousand meters below the surface of Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas , was made in the framework of an investigation into the behavior and biology of these sharks.

The material shared on YouTube allows us to see what was recorded by the camera of the submersible of the researchers, who could not avoid being astonished after the spectacular meeting. 

“It was like seeing a T. Rex in the water. This lineage has been on Earth a hundred times longer than Homo erectus (the ancestor of humans), and these sharks have not changed so much ,” Naylor explained.

The specimen that appears in the YouTube video is a six-gill female shark that measures more than 5 meters.

Some scientists believe that Hexanchus griseus managed to survive the largest event of mass extinction, the Permian-Triassic, which killed 96% of marine life as it is a species that has existed for approximately 200 million years.


Source: Trome