Shark Stalks Unsuspecting Swimmer Off Bondi Beach Never Realizing Her Life Was In Grave Danger

A drone has captured the eerie moment when a Grey Nurse shark passes by a school of fish to launch a pursuit of a swimmer who has no idea of his presence on the popular Australian Bondi Beach. In the video you can see how the animal goes directly to the swimmer, although, fortunately, seconds later, it turns suddenly and changes direction.

The shocking images that a drone captured  went viral on Bondi Beach in Australia and has left viewers stunned. The clip shows how a huge creature pursues a distracted swimmer.

A man was walking by the beaches of Australia while capturing the entire landscape with his drone, however, he never imagined capturing a terrible scene that left him in shock. 

A huge shark was trying to catch a woman who was enjoying swimming in the calm waters of Bondi Beach, meanwhile, she has no idea of ​​the danger that could end her life.

The sunbather had entered the sea without suspecting that she would be at serious risk. The drone caught a shadow chasing her from several meters back. However, the fearsome creature desists to realize that the woman swam very fast and was far away.

It should be noted that sharks occupy one of the spots of the ranking of deadliest animals. According to a study by the University of Florida, sharks killed five people in the world in 2018, in four of these cases, there was no provocation on the part of the human being. What they interpret is due to the increase in the world population.

Viewer of the viral YouTube video were perplexed with the images captured by the drone and by the swimmer who was saved by miracle, since she never realized that her life was at great risk.


Source: ActualidadRT