Shark Decides to Go Out Fighting and Get Revenge on The People Who Caught Him [Video May Be Offensive]

In the video, this baby shark is seen stuck on dry land with a bunch of residents surrounding him. It seems as if they caught him or he happened to be washed up on shore. Either way, these people are surrounding him and he knows what he must do before leaving this world.

The shark looks very still and dead for a moment as a young man approaches him. The young man places his barefoot right next to the shark and leans down to touch him with no hesitation. Suddenly, the shark decides to rotate and clamp on to the young man’s foot with his awfully sharp teeth.

For the rest of the video, the residents are trying to pry the shark off the kid’s foot before he loses a toe or two. They end up freeing his foot by using a dagger and a pair of pliers but the baby shark was still able to do some damage.

It seems as if every living organism has some sort of taste for revenge. To see this shark’s bloody exit, click the video down below!

Source: Liveleak