Shark Attacked An 8-Year-Old Boy In North Carolina Making Him The Third Victim In Two Weeks

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The boy swam in Bald Head Island when the shark bit him in the leg.

A shark bit an eight-year-old boy on a beach in North Carolina on Sunday : it is the third attack in two weeks on the coast of the state.

Although the authorities did not disclose the name of the injured child, they did explain that their life is not in danger. The events occurred around 4:00 pm on Sunday at Bald Head Island. After the incident, a ferry moved the child to the nearest hospital.

According to the authorities, he suffered serious perforations in one of his legs, but it was not necessary to amputate. Your recovery is expected to be complete.

This is the third accident that occurs on the North Carolina coast in two weeks. Bald Head Island is located 200 kilometers from Fort Macon State Park, where a shark surprised Paige Winter  while bathing with her sister on the shore on June 2.

The 17-year-old survived thanks to her father, Charlie Winter , who hit the animal “with all her might” to release her daughter. Then, he took her out of the water and performed a tourniquet to stop the leg bleeding.

In the attack, Paige lost a leg and several fingers of the hands, although it assures that it is happy, because during the attack it thought that it would die and that could not fulfill many of its intentions in the life.

“I think I can turn this into something good for me, good for sharks, and good for the environment, ” Paige said at a press conference on Monday.

On Monday, June 10, a week ago, another young man was attacked by a shark in North Carolina. Austin Reed surfed on Ocean Isle beach when he felt his foot dangle from his leg and saw the sea dyed red.


“It was very bad, I looked at my foot and there was blood everywhere, it caught me in. I asked my friend to look at my foot because I was scared to do it, I was scared because I thought the shark had ripped my foot off or something A) Yes”.

Although the wound was quite bulky, Austin Reed did not lose his foot , and will recover all mobility. The beach where he was attacked is located 238 kilometers from the place where Paige lost her leg.


Source: InfoBae