Seized In Gran Canaria Spain 52 Kilos Of Cocaine In The Submerged Part Of A Ship

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The drug was hidden in a tire in the submerged part of a ship carrying goods from Brazil.

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency seized last August in Gran Canaria a total of 52 kilograms of cocaine that were hidden in the submerged part of a regular cargo ship that came from Brazil and was going to Valencia after Stop at the island’s harbor.

In this way, the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of the Comandancia de Las Palmas, in efforts to collect and exchange information of police interest, was able to find out the possibility of a new attempt to introduce cocaine into national territory, according to the Benemérita has informed.

In addition, the agents obtained data on the possibility of a new methodfor this, a variant of the blind hook technique consisting of adhering packages with cocaine to specific areas of the submerged part of the ship with the aim of making its possible detection by the security forces and bodies even more difficult.

With this information, the Civil Guard requested support in the investigation from Customs Surveillance, under the Tax Agency, locating during the dawn of August 3 the specific place of docking of the vessel.

For this reason, a control was carried out on the ship and the person in charge of the ship was ordered to stop the unloading works and the machines, at the same time that several agents of the Group of Specialists of Underwater Activities (GEAS) submerged to review the ship’s hull.

Thus, between 04.15 and 05:00 hours, a completely sealed tire was located attached to the ship by means of a chain , and subsequently a package that had been introduced through a manipulated grid.

Finally, the agents verified that both packages carried different amounts of cocaine inside, which gave a final weight of 52 kilograms, which have been made available to the corresponding Court of the locality of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for subsequent destruction.

Seized In Gran Canaria Spain 52 Kilos Of Cocaine In The Submerged Part Of A Ship

Tire with seized drug (Europa Press image).


Source: rtvc