Seeing Is Believing: Mussels Appear Cooked In Their Shells By The Extreme Heatwave

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Europe is having a heat wave with temperatures never before reached, and on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, in the United States, the climate also ravages, especially in California where there was a particular event in which there was a great mortality of mussels “cooked” because they literally cooked in its shell, a product of the high temperatures that was registered during the last couple of weeks.

This caused environmental and environmental organizations to raise the alarm immediately, as this causes serious damage to a species considered fundamental to the marine ecosystem. According to the researchers, this occurred along the Californian coast where the heat literally boiled the mussels in their shell. Jackie Sones, coordinator of the Marine Reserve Winery, in northern San Francisco, acknowledged seeing thousands of dead mussels on the northern coast of the Golden State.

According to the records, it would be the highest mortality of mussels in the last 15 years, something that is not a fact that should be forgotten because this constitutes serious ecological damage since the mussel beds are a refuge and habitat for many species. Heat waves both in the United States and in Europe are increasingly extreme, with higher records, droughts and severe consequences for the environment.

Infernal summer

Spain, France, Belgium and Germany are some of the countries of this continent that will have to face the heat that will be felt all this week. Faced with the warning there is concern among German farmers because they could exceed the high numbers recorded in June 2015. On that occasion, Bavaria suffered 40.3 ° C.

As reported by the news agency Argentine News, the Spanish meteorological agency, AEMET reported in its latest bulletin that the temperatures “will exceed 35 ° C in large areas of the interior of the peninsula, even it is quite likely that they reach or exceed 40 ° C in areas of center”. Due to this release they launched a heatwave alert. They also pointed out that it could last all week.

Seeing Is Believing Mussels Appear Cooked In Their Shells By The Extreme Heatwave

“It is likely that the high temperatures persist, at least, until Sunday 30. It is not ruled out that they may continue during the first days of July in some areas,” the Spanish news agency reported. “Temperatures are expected to reach significantly high values ​​almost universally in the Balearic Peninsula and (islands),” the statement quoted by AFP added.

“The greater probability of exceeding 42ºC in a fairly generalized manner corresponds to the Ebro valley on Thursday, Friday and Saturday,” the AEMET added. France is another of the countries that launched a heatwave alert. The authorities were worried about the numbers that could be felt during this week. There is a fear that the extreme heat of 2003 will be repeated.


Source: El Intransigente