See Ya Later “Chance The Snapper” Who Created Panic In A US Neighborhood Is Now Behind Bars (VIDEOS)

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The reptile, baptized by the residents of the Puerto Rican neighborhood of Humboldt Park in Chicago as ‘Chance the Snapper’, mobilized the authorities and even a specialist who traveled especially from Florida to capture him.

A small alligator, that the neighbors of the Puerto Rican neighborhood Humboldt Park of Chicago ( USA ) baptized as ‘Chance the Snapper’, was captured by a specialist who traveled especially from Florida to perform this task.

The reptile whose origin is unknown, but is suspected may have been the pet of someone who left it in the lagoon, was delivered to the municipal animal care and control office, which plans to send it to a sanctuary in Florida.

“The caiman was captured” and “is in excellent health,” announced the Chicago Parks District, after a week of anxiety over the unexpected appearance of the reptile in the lagoon of the local park.

For being a place usually visited by children and dog owners, the authorities guarding the park were alarmed and called the Police first.

They then appealed to the help of a local herpetologist named “Alligator Bob”, who became a celebrity, despite his unsuccessful efforts to make the reptile fall into his traps.

He was then called Frank Robb, owner of Crocodilian Specialist Services of St. Augustine, Florida, who arrived on Sunday and performed the task in less than two days, with the help of a network.

As reported by Robb at a press conference where he showed the animal he captured on Tuesday, it is a male caiman 1.5 meters long and between 20 and 25 kilos, which “was exhausted and opposed little resistance.”

Florida is a land of alligators, the state has a healthy and stable alligator population that is estimated at 1.3 million animals of all sizes. (With information from EFE)


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