See How The Russian Frigate Destroys An Anti-Ship Missile In The Military Exercises On The Crimean Coasts

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One of Russia’s newest warships was filmed intercepting a fast-moving projectile launched during a naval exercise in the Black Sea.

The footage released by the Ministry of Defense shows a simulated anti-ship cruise missile being fired from a silo launcher from the ground. Once in the air, the missile is directed towards the guided missile frigate Admiral Makarov, who has been patrolling the Crimean waters.

Moments later, an air strike alarm was activated, with the crew preparing and launching a pair of ground-to-air missiles against the simulated target.

Established in 2012, Admiral Makarov is the third frigate of the ships of the Almirante Grigorovich class that is based on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The 124-meter ship is equipped with improved radar equipment, torpedo tubes, as well as dozens of vertical and ground-air anti-aircraft missile cells.


Sorce: ES News-Front Info