Secret Beach in Sao Paulo is invaded by drug users and destroyed by garbage

Residents of Praia do Góes, in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, complain about the lack of security and infrastructure.

Praia do Góes, in Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, is 250 meters long and year after year has been suffering from environmental degradation.Water has invaded the site’s sand strip, considered a ‘secret’ paradise, garbage has arrived and the community suffers from a lack of security and infrastructure.

To get to the small paradise, the entrance is exclusively made by trail or boat and, who goes to the beach, hidden in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, finds a rich natural beauty with calm waters and white sand.

The site, next to the Barra Grande Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site monument, served as a strategic point in colonial times. The Portuguese were able to spot pirates and avoid the approach of the criminals, according to information from the city hall.

“Due to the difficult access, the beach served as a refuge, from the time it was discovered in the XVIII century, around 1770, when the Fortaleza was built. The name Góes, according to history, may have been inherited from the person who took possession of the beach, “explains the city hall.

This natural paradise has been degraded by the large number of bathers who seek it in the summer. In addition, residents say that some changes that happened on the beach, such as the invasion of water and the accumulation of sand are due to the dredging process of the Port of Santos, which removes the sand from the bottom of the sea and ends up accumulating in Praia do Góes . Because of these factors, the pier was completely destroyed.

Secret Beach in Sao Paulo is invaded by drug users and destroyed by garbage

“People have to respect others. They are smoking marijuana on my face, in front of my house and nobody does anything. I lived my childhood and much of my life here and this kind of thing never happened. It’s sad and absurd. Last Sunday they left a lot of trash in the sand, you can not leave things like this, “he protests.

One of the residents said the “party” was so big last Sunday that it took four boats to clear the garbage. “I’ve never seen this beach as crowded as it was last Sunday, I think there were about three thousand people around here, the problem is that they left a lot of rubbish in the sand, usually two boats with trash are taken from here, but this time it took four. still left, “he says.

The party was due to the two-year anniversary of one of the beach snack bars. The event brought together hundreds of bathers and, according to the owner of the establishment, Alexandre Oliveira, the events are held every Sunday and this helps to generate jobs and attract tourists. It even ensures that your employees perform cleaning in the vicinity of the snack bar.

“After I went to Praia do Góes, it became more touristy and, with the events we held, more jobs were generated. The problem is that where there are a lot of people, there is also a lot of junk. Everyone needs to do some. I and my 20 employees always clean the whole area, “he explains.

As for garbage, the municipality collects every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and said there is no provision to change the routine. As for security, the G1 did not find any authority in the vicinity of the place, but the Military Police informed by means of note that because it is a region of difficult access, aerial inspection is done.