Sea Turtle Rides A Fish, Tries To Hunt It And The Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

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A woman recorded in a viral YouTube video the unusual scene in which a sea turtle mounted on the back of a fish to devour it whole in a huge fishbowl.

A quiet afternoon of excursion for a woman in a recreational park in Mexico became a traumatic experience, after recording in a viral YouTube video the moment when a sea ​​turtle clung to the body of a fish to tame it, without imagining what what would happen.

The woman recorded in a viral YouTube video how a sea ​​turtle made a certain jump in the body of a fish to try to devour it, but at the time of tame it was not an easy task, since the elusive fish moved without rest for all fishbowl.

Like an entire tamer, the sea ​​turtle did not detach itself from the fish for a moment because of the more abrupt movements it has made to free itself from the predator. In the recording shared on YouTube , the reptile seemed to have fun with the meandering movements, while the fish exerted its full force to get rid of its captor.

After several minutes, the viral video on YouTube showed how tired sea turtle released the fish who swam freely throughout the tank to unleash their instincts escape. The naughty reptile had no choice but to find another prey in the corner of the fishbowl.

Watch the YouTube viral video:

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “UNILAD” page, which accumulated more than 1 million views, 21,062 shares and more than 22,000 comments. “It is not a good idea to put this type of turtle in this tank, you have to separate it!”, “Good luck with that, our turtle ate all the fish we had,” users wrote on social networks.


Source: La Republica