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The strange creature frightened the neighbours of a city by its strange shape.

Fishermen from a city located northwest of Hong Kong denounced the appearance of a sea ​​monster with a turtle body and a snake’s head.

The surprise was such that the local authorities urged people to avoid swimming in the lake where the unknown animal appeared until the investigations determine what species it is.

The creature was captured for the first time on February 9. When he looked at the surface of the water in Baiyun Lake he looked like a turtle, but when he pulled out his head, he sowed panic: he looked like a deformed snake.

As confirmed by the Chinese media, one of the rangers took photographs. For his part, the head of the security team of the park, Song Yunchang said that although they had knowledge of their existence, they had never seen it complete.

“We had already realized the existence of this strange fish before, but had shown very little of its body out of the water, so we had not been able to identify it, ” he explained.

“The back part looked like a turtle and it was black, then it showed its head and it looks like the head of a snake” , he explained.

Some local media claimed that it is a “fierce” species.  For now, a team of researchers moved to the lake to determine the characteristics of the animal.


Source: El Nueve