Sea Lion Sees Photos Of The Ocean And Has An Emotional Reaction That Moves Thousands [VIDEO]

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Video touched thousands on YouTube. A caretaker at a zoo showed some photographs of the Atlantic Ocean to a sea lion. The animal could not contain his emotion and reacted in the least expected way.

An unusual YouTube video has gone viral in a few hours, since it revealed to us the unexpected reaction that a sea ​​lion had when seeing some photographs of the Atlantic Ocean through a smartphone. The animal showed the least thought behaviour and the images went viral on social networks.

The incident occurred at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago and the images of this unexpected event became viral in countries such as Mexico, Canada and the United States. What happened to the sea lion? Keep reading to learn everything.

Matthew Feilen is a forensic expert who only a few days ago went to the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago to learn about the care of animals at that center. However, when he saw the aquarium where the sea lions lived, he was totally surprised. Much more when one of these animals approached him to see the photographs he had on his device. To the surprise of thousands of YouTube users, something really unusual appeared.

As revealed in this moving YouTube video, the sea lion could not avoid the excitement of seeing these photographs of the Ocean and was totally ‘hypnotized’ by the photographs that the man presented to him.

The scene was shared on YouTube and became viral since thousands of users claimed that the animal had ‘recognised’ and ‘remembered’ its home, which they had left a long time ago, after being admitted to the zoo.

Here we leave you the unusual YouTube video which has more than 200 thousand views and all kinds of unexpected comments.


Source: La Republica

  1. There are no sea lions in the Atlantic Ocean. I have seen sea lions looking at camera phones and it’s just curiosity

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