Sea Collectors Value This Creatures Life at $32,000 Due to Its Life Span [VIDEO]

Noon Ausanee is a women from Thailand and the owner of a two headed albino turtle that was born on March 3 on a farm in Bangkok, the turtle has 2 heads due to a very rare mutation.

The owner went to the experts, the breeders said the value of that turtle can go up to one million Thai Baht which will be the equivalent of $32,000 US Dollars.

She says she has gotten several calls from collectors but that all of them express the same worry about the lifespan of the turtle, Noon says that she feels lucky to have this turtle but since she got it appraised the potential buyers have shown hesitation to pay that much without the certainty that the turtle won’t die quickly.

This turtle is a red-eared slider which is a popular pet around the world, many turtles have been born before with Polycephaly but they do not live very long, the ones that live are kept in museums, but this turtle besides the two heads is also an albino which increases its value  substantially.