Scientists Capture Weird Creature Under The Antarctica Ice And Its Appearance Is Terrifying [VIDEO]

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A viral YouTube video recorded the moment when a group of scientists captured a strange sea creature, without imagining its chilling appearance.

Thousands of users on YouTube were ‘speechless’ to learn the appearance of a creature taken more than 3,400 meters under the ice of Antarctica. The unusual finding became viral in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

As detailed by the British Daily Express, and which was viralized on YouTube, “the Antarctic expedition launched into the waters for a 50-day trip across the Southern Ocean earlier this year.”

In addition, he maintains that the team made up of New Zealand scientists used the Aegis imaging system, which allowed them to register organisms as rarely seen.

In July, the mission had already shared on YouTube the documentary “ The Secrets of Antarctica, ” where they report that they will dive to 3,500 meters in the abysmal plain, a depth compared to the height of the Alps.

“After having faced ice storms, broken equipment and rough seas for almost two months, the team prepares for the most pressing task of all,” says the narrator in the documentary posted on YouTube.

The scientists took the opportunity to track the bottom, after having installed more than 5,000 nets in the sea, then proceeded to collect the fishing net, to finally classify what was captured. “Then Kareen Schnabel finds an even more curious specimen,” is heard on YouTube.

Dr. Kareen Schnabel, who serves as a marine biologist at the National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research in New Zealand, was the first to give her assessment of the captured animal: “We don’t know how many are down there, we don’t know how this is common, but I’ve never seen anything like it before. “

In addition, Andrew Stewart, a scientist who led the tour was surprised at the video on YouTube and said “now I have no idea what species this is, the colour pattern on the fins is not like anything you’ve seen before.”


Source: La Republica