Scientist Believed That Orca Was Going to Attack Her, But Something Unexpected Happens [VIDEO]

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A scientist had a close encounter with a  giant orca, who tried to invite her food, because a scientist went to Antarctica to do some studies of the orcas, without imagining what would happen.

Regina Eisert was the scientific in charge of a project Antarctica from New Zealand, who had a close encounter with an orca giant appeared and for a moment it seemed he was going to attack; however, the opposite happened. 

The science was conducting an investigation, where he studied the feeding behavior of orcas in the Ross Sea from an ice shelf located in Antarctica when he was caught by one of these animals, which captured with his camera. 

The orca hits the camera of the scientist Regina Eisert , who thought that the marine animal was attacking her, but the reality was different, since apparently she only wanted to give him some of her food .

The killer whale opened its mouth to show that it had a piece of fish inside it , as if it were its intention to invite Regina Eisert to feed her . This act left her impressed and she did not hesitate to share it with YouTube users.

“It was really special, the only way I can describe it is like when a cat offers a mouse , ” he said in an interview the scientific.


Source: La Republica