Sayuri Kinoshita The 30 Year Old Japanese Freediver Dies From A Non-Diving Accident (VIDEO)

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The Japanese swimmer Sayuri Kinoshita, who held the world record of immersion freediver, died in a tragic non-diving accident, her family announced this week.

Kinoshita, who was 30 years old, had obtained the world record of swimming in free immersion on July 26, reaching 97 meters without fins, with her own strength of arms, not being attached to a fixed rope.

The athlete, who lived in the Japanese archipelago of Okinawa, was found in the parking lot of her home apparently after having falling, according to the first investigations, published the news agency EFE.

After having been transferred to the hospital with serious injuries, the swimmer died on Monday afternoon, although the news came to light today when her sister Sanae revealed it on her Facebook account.

Previously, the account in the aforementioned social network of the athlete confirmed the death due to a “tragic accident” not specified.

She was rushed to hospital and placed on life support, but the injuries she sustained were too extensive to survive.

“Despite this, her body was so strong that she kept fighting another four days before her heart finally gave up on Japan’s National Ocean Day, the 15th of July. She was surrounded by her family and friends.”

Her family said a “farewell party” would be scheduled separate from the wake and funeral service for her friends and family “to enjoy a celebration of her amazing life . . . for a bright and enjoyable day.”

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