San Borodón: the mysterious island that appears and disappears without a trace

It would seem that this news is a worthy element that belongs to the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, but let me warn you that the sea has interesting mysteries that, far from being cinematographic, are quite real as the Kraken exists or the island that appears and disappears continuously .

Some explorers like the Portuguese Pedro Vello or the canary Marcos Verde admitted having found the island San Borondón; the first claimed to have abandoned two of his sailors when hurricane winds threatened his stay. For his part, Marcos said he had not found any evidence of human life there.

Many later expeditions came about thanks to this kind of stories that ensured that the island was completely lost in the blink of an eye.

In 1958, ABC published an image at a distance from the wandering island taken by the reporter Luis Diego Cuscuy, who was a fan of the mysterious stories that surrounded this place.

Later, Edward Harvey, a supposed visitor of the island in 1865, shared recordings that showed the appearances of the island in some television programs; nevertheless, José Gregorio González declared in his book Canarias mágicas that everything had been a tremendous lie.

In spite of everything, the myth was so ingrained in the premises that the current historians consider this island as the octave of the Canarian Archipelago.

With information from ABC, Corners of the Atlantic and YouTube.