Russians Show Off Their Power During Sea Shield 2019 (VIDEO)

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New images from the Ministry of Defense show that Russian corvettes flex their muscles while developing large weapons and practice hitting aerial targets during a naval exercise in the Baltic Sea.

You can see explosions of flames in close-up shots of different weapons that spin and provide rapid fire. A total of six guided missile corvettes of the Russian Baltic Fleet participated in the naval exercise. His main task was to practice repelling air attacks.

Moscow had previously conducted a simulation in the Black Sea, where a pair of corvettes successfully launched the anti-ship supersonic missile, the Moskit P-270 (“Mosquito”), capable of destroying an enemy some 55 kilometers away.

The Russian naval maneuvers coincided with the NATO exercise “Sea Shield 2019”, which concluded on Friday. Russian ships were closely following the ships of the US-led bloc at all times, defense officials said.


Source: ES News-Front Info