Russian Worker Climbs Into The Basket Of An Excavator To Save An Animal Trapped In Frozen Lake (VIDEO)

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The workers first tried to break the ice so that the dog could reach the shore, but the animal was so exhausted that it could not swim.

In Russia, a group of construction workers interrupted their work on Monday night when they heard the last barking of a stray dog ​​that had fallen into a frozen lake in a park in Yekaterinburg, the most important city in the Urals, according to RIA novosti.

The workers first broke the surface ice with an excavator shovel to pave the way to the shore, but the animal was already so weakened that it was unable to swim, so one of the workers decided to get on the bucket and asked the operator to extend the arm of the machine to the place where the poor dog fought for his life.

Maintaining a dangerous balance over the icy waters, the brave worker finally managed to rescue the dog, which received food and a safe place to warm up and rest before continuing to roam the streets of the city.

According to RIA Novosti, the park administration announced that it plans to reward employees who participated in the improvised rescue operation.


Source: ActualidadRT