Russian Water Rehabilitation Therapist Accused Of Child Abuse For Her Method Of Working With Children (WARNING Video Contains Images That Some May Find Upsetting)

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The recording was shared on networks and aroused the outrage of the users.

Attention, care and affection are things that babies require and more if they have a disability. However, some people use unusual methods to support them in their recovery, causing controversy. Such is the case of the next video recorded in Russia.

A few days ago, dozens of Internet users launched strong criticism against the techniques used by a swim coach specializing in rehabilitating babies who have a disability and helps them develop their psychomotor skills.

This is Elena Rodionova, a woman that users have insured drowns infants and tortures them during their classes .

In the video you can see that the female appears in the pool holding the infant. With sudden movements, she submerges it in the water, spins it, takes it out and puts it back to repeat the steps.

The recording went viral quickly and users expressed their opinion:

‘I can not believe that parents allow this. She hurts the children ‘,’ and the authorities what? This is a clear example of child abuse ‘and’ I do not think that the children have a recovery with this type of training ‘, are some of the comments that can be read in the publication.

On the other hand, some health specialists explained that this type of “technique” is harmful for minors, since they can not breathe under water and this could cause permanent damage.

Some parents came out in defense of the coach and said that thanks to their ‘methods’ she managed to make their little one walk.

‘My son with cerebral palsy started walking. If you do not know Elena, you do not know what miracles she performs. I will be grateful for the rest of my life, “Daily Mail reported, citing a parent’s statement.

The neonatologist and pediatrician Elena Ignatieva explained that this type of action should not be allowed, because they affect the psychological deterioration of the children’s development.

In her defense, the swimming coach only explained that ‘the competition’ is the one that was responsible for defacing her.


Source: La Neta Moticias