Russian Warships Launch Missiles During Drills In The Far East (VIDEO)

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Within the framework of a drill, Russian Pacific Fleet vessels have repelled a massive missile attack.

The Russian Navy continues to exercise in the seas surrounding the country. This time, planes and warships of the Pacific Fleet have been involved in the drills of an intense naval battle in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, in the Russian Far East, in the western part of the Pacific Ocean.

The most spectacular scenes of the drill were captured on camera by the Ministry of Defense.

During the exercises a massive missile attack by a potential enemy was simulated.

To repel the attack, the fleet’s flagship Variag missile cruiser used its Fort missile system [naval version of the medium-range S-300 system] and the Osa short-range missile system.

Other ships that participated in the maneuvers, the Admiral Panteléyev and Admiral Tríbuts anti-submarine frigates, fired missiles from the Kinzhal anti-aircraft system, while the destroyer Bystri launched Uragán missiles.

In addition to these vessels, the advanced stealthy Sovershenniy corvette, project 20380, and a MiG-31 heavy interceptor patrol participated in the exercises.


Source: ActualidadRT