Russian Submarine Launches A Kalibr, The Navy’s Most Advanced Cruise Missile (VIDEO)

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A new Russian attack submarine Kólpino, one of the five diesel-electric submarines that will receive the Black Sea Fleet, has tested its main weapon: the modern Kalibr cruise missiles.

As part of the exercises carried out by the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Kólpino diesel-electric attack submarine, of the 636.6 Varshavianka project, launched Kalibr cruise missile launches under immersion, the Ministry of Defense said, publishing the release video

It is reported that all Kalibr-NK – whose unloading by ships of the Caspian Flotilla in 2015, against targets of extremists in Syria (about 1,500 kilometers away), marked a new era in the Russian Navy – successfully impacted their whites both at sea and on land.

The naval cruise missiles of the Kalibr-NK system are now part of the arsenal of almost all Russian surface ships and submarines.


According to several sources, the maximum range of this cruise missile with the 3M14 factory index reaches about 2,000 kilometers, although official data about several of its features have not yet been released.

In June 2012, the then commander of the Caspian Flotilla, Rear Admiral Sergey Alekminski, escaped that the maximum range of the Kalibr system missile against surface ships was 375 kilometers, while the range of its missiles designated for the White attack on land is around 2,600 kilometers if they carry a ‘special’ warhead (in the language of the Russian military this means ‘nuclear’). 

During 2019-2020, it is planned to develop a terrestrial version of the Kalibr, after the U.S. will abandon the Medium and Short Range Missile Treaty.


Source: Actualidad RT