Russian Navy Escorts American Warship In The Black Sea

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The Russian Navy fleet in the Black Sea began escorting the destroyer USS Porter, which entered the southern part of the Black Sea, reports the TASS news agency, citing the Russian National Defense Management Center.

The Center observes that the forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet carry out constant surveillance of the American battleship. The Russian frigate, Admiral Essen, the small rocket corvettes Vyshny Volochyok and Orekhovo-Zuyevo, are involved in the direct monitoring of the ship’s maneuvers.

The same American destroyer also entered the Black Sea in August of this year. Then the Russian patrol Smetlivy of the Black Sea Fleet escorted her.

The USS Porter is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer equipped with guided missiles. The ship regularly participates in naval exercises in the Black Sea. The ship is armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles.


Russian Navy Escorts American Warship In The Black Sea


Source: Israel Noticias

  1. Just have one of our Subs put a Torpedo right in the middle of that Russian boat. But have the torpedo with markings saying made in Iran!

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