Russian Embassy: Russian Sailors Detained in Cape Verde Do Not Have Health Problems

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The 11 Russian sailors detained in Cape Verde on January 31 have no health problems, Sputnik told the Russian embassy in the island republic.

“Recently we spoke with the detainees, we verified their state of health, conditions of detention, possible complaints or violations,” said the diplomatic mission.

He added that “there are no infractions, everything corresponds to the internal rules of the institution in which they are located, and the sailors themselves are healthy, they do not have health complaints”.

He said the detained Russians have regular access to a prison doctor who examines them and helps prevent health problems.

At the same time, he said that at the moment the date of the next hearing on the case of the sailors is unknown.

The Cape Verde authorities detained the crew after finding 9.5 tons of cocaine in the warehouses of the ESER cargo ship of the company Ecolive registered in Panama.

Russian Embassy Russian Sailors Detained in Cape Verde Do Not Have Health Problems

According to local police quoted by the newspaper Expresso das Ilhas, ESER had left Panama for the city of Tangier in Morocco.

The boat deviated from the scheduled route to make a stopover in the port of Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, after a crew member died for unknown reasons.

At the beginning of February, a Cape Verdean court ruled that the crew members were in prison and so far has not filed charges.


Source: Mundo Sputnik News