Russia Will Build 7 Ships and 4 Submarines For Its Navy in 2019

Russia will build a total of seven ships and four submarines for its Navy in 2019, Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigú said Tuesday.

“The naval construction program … foresees in 2019 the construction of four submarines – three nuclear and one diesel-electric – and the repair of seven warships and auxiliary ships,” the minister said at a meeting in Severodvinsk (northwest) .

The closed part of the meeting then started and the journalists withdrew.

Before the meeting, the president of the Unified Shipbuilding Corporation (OSK), Alexéi Rajmánov, intervened.

The theme of the meeting was the delivery of the strategic submarine Kniaz Vladimir (project 995A) and the nuclear submarine Kazan (project 885M), and the repair and modernization of the nuclear cruiser Admiral Nakhimov (project 11442).

Shoigú said that the Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan submarines will enter service in the remainder of the year.

“The delivery of the nuclear submarines Knyaz Vladimir and Kazan is the immediate task of the Naval Construction Corporation … As ordered by the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, all work must be completed this year,” the minister said.

He stressed that these submarines will “determine the image” of the Russian submarine fleet in the future and will increase the defensive potential and strengthen Russia’s positions in the oceans and seas of the world.

“Today we are going to discuss the delivery of the submarines, the repair of the nuclear cruiser Admiral Nakhimov and the construction of ships for surveillance missions in distant maritime areas,” said the Russian defense minister.