Russia Starts Large Naval Exercises In The Baltic Sea

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The Russian Navy began on Thursday large-scale naval exercises in the Baltic Sea, which will last until the next day 9, reported the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In the exercises, called “Oceanic Shield-2019”, 49 ships and warships, 20 support ships, 58 aircraft and a total of 10,634 soldiers participate.

“It is planned to verify the disposition of the Navy forces for the defense of the national interests of the Russian Federation and to exercise the fleet’s command capabilities,” said the Defense statement.

The nucleus of the group involved in the exercises “Oceanic Shield-2019” is made up of the ships that participated in the naval parade held last Sunday in St. Petersburg on the occasion of Navy Day.

In that celebration, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Russian Navy “guarantees the security of the country, its national interests and is able to respond solidly to any aggressor.”

The head of the Kremlin stressed that Russia will continue to build “a fleet of unique capabilities, a fleet of a sovereign and strong power.”


Russia Starts Large Naval Exercises In The Baltic Sea


Source: El Caribe