Russia And Iran Will Conduct Joint Military Exercises In The Persian Gulf

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The Tehran regime confirmed the plans for “the next months”, in a moment of high tension with the United States for oil sanctions. The Revolutionary Guard threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz, which gives access to this strategic area.

Iranian and Russian naval forces will conduct joint military exercises in the Persian Gulf this year, the Iranian Navy announced on Monday, at a time of high tension with the United States in this strategic area.

Rear Admiral Hosein Janzadí explained at a press conference that Russian ships will dock at ports in southern Iran in the coming months to carry out these exercises.

Both naval forces will boost their “technical, training and operational cooperation, ” said the rear admiral, quoted by official Iranian media.

The Marines of Iran and Russia trained together in the past in the Caspian Sea, but the next simulation in the Persian Gulf raises bilateral cooperation to a new level.

The announcement coincides with Iran’s threats to block the important Strait of Hormuz, through which a large part of the world’s oil transits, if the US prevents the export of Iranian crude with its sanctions .

Washington recently reported that it will not renew the exemptions for the purchase of Iranian oil granted to eight countries and that conclude on May 2.

On possible military actions to hinder Iranian oil exports, suggested by Israel, Janzadí warned that their forces are prepared to protect Iran’s oil tankers.

The Persian Gulf has also become the center of tension after the US designated this month a terrorist group to the Corps of the Revolutionary Guards, a branch of the Iranian Armed Forces.

In response, Iran appointed the US Central Command (CENTCOM), in charge of operations in the Middle East, a terrorist group and warned against confronting those troops in case of any invasion of its territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

The chief of staff, Mohamad Hosein Baqerí, stressed yesterday that Iran will only block the Strait of Hormuz in case “the hostility of the enemies reaches a limit that leaves no other option”, and clarified that, for now, US ships in the area they are still in contact with the Guardians of the Revolution.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Navy continues to develop its capabilities and will soon receive the destroyer Damavand, Janzadí said today, who also revealed that they have signed a cooperation agreement with China.

Russia And Iran Will Conduct Joint Military Exercises In The Persian Gulf

China and Russia are two of the signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, which the United States withdrew unilaterally last year to re-impose sanctions on the Persian country, which affect the oil tanker among other sectors.


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